Welcome to the Gadsden County CARES Act Portal

The National COVID 19 Pandemic has significantly impacted many residents of Gadsden County and our business community. The Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners is pleased to provide financial grant opportunities to eligible residents and small businesses. Applicant “MUST” have been working or had a business, and had a reduction in income, i.e. their business closed/ their employer closed, work hours reduced, or were furloughed, as a result of COVID19 to qualify for program funds.

A reduction in income will be evidenced by the Applicant having lost his/her job, or experienced a reduction in hours at work, or revenue due to COVID-19. (Adult with COVID-19 impact must be the Applicant).

We will be providing grants to residents and families that have been financially impacted; and financial support to small businesses that have been forced to temporarily close and/or lost significant business revenue. This site provides the criteria for eligibility for these grants as well as an on-line application to be submitted. For residents and businesses that are unable to complete the applications on-line, please call the Gadsden Recovery Line @ 850-875-8664. It is critical that applications be submitted as soon as possible as this support will be provided on a first qualified, first served basis.

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